Friday, April 29th, 2016

why is my ex girlfriend ignoring me?


in college my ex girlfriend will walk past me without even looking at me. we broke up the other week,she has said that she wants me out her life and will not speak to me ever again, yet she spoke to me last night on msn. but now she is just ingnoring me.
how do i get her to stop ignoring me every time we pass each other in college. even if i say hi she ignores me.
and also last night i said to her that if she wants me to just delete her of my myspace, she said its up to me and to do what i want but when i was about to she said that she hasnt told me to and wont tell me to. and when i said shall i again she changed the conversation on to my profile picture. i feel like i need to speak to her and find out what she really wants but i know that no matter what i say or what she feels i know she wont tell me, she will just keep saying to never talk to her again and to leave her alone. but her actions dont seem like thats what she really wants. i feel like i am damed if i do and damed if i dont. what should i do. considering that if i speak to her she willl just get p****d off even more and she wont say what she really wants. and if i dont then this situation will contine to go through my head, do i just leave it and do nothing or do not talk to her and just delete her anyway or do i try and talk to her.

im so confused and no matter how much i think about it i keep going round in circles with it.

i know if i leave it that she may calm down . and i know its probs the best thing i could do at the moment. i just find it hard to understand why she says to me that she dont want to ever talk to me yet she did on msn even though she said it again on msn,so if this was true why did she continue to chat to me and not just ignore me or block me and why did she not delete me if she has said she wants me out her life. the last thing i think she said was that it was to soon. i understand that i just not why shes bein weird with me when shes with her friends in college.

i really dont know how to cope with this. i still love her. its not about getting her back i just want to be freinds or at least on talking trems with her. im so confused and dont know which way to go and what ever the way is i wouldnt know how to deal with that way. like how do i ignore her if thats what i got to do.


please help me quick

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16 Responses to “why is my ex girlfriend ignoring me?”
  1. Wadda W says:

    I’ve just printed this out, now I won’t need a newspaper tomorrow.

  2. **** says:

    She is your EX. That’s why she is ignoring you.

  3. Dr. Phil says:

    I’ve just printed this out, now I won’t need a newspaper tomorrow.

  4. Elvis4ever says:

    Delete her and get a new G/F.
    her loss and you have a load of fresh intake at college to choose from

  5. iboy says:

    Joke to her when she passes u.
    (But never do hard joke)

  6. gingerangel says:

    I think I’ve already answered this question.

  7. Scooby Doo 3 says:

    i really dont know how to cope with this. i still love her. its not about getting her back i just want to be freinds or at least on talking trems with her. im so confused………………….

    That sounds like me some time back with my ex, The only person who didn’t know I wanted to get back with her was me….

    own up to yourself because you won’t be able to fool her.

    I would say move on before too much damage has been done.

  8. donna d says:

    just ignore her she is your ex girlfriend what do you care delete her move on with your life don’t even say hi to her no more don’t lower yourself.have some respect for yourself get rid of her she sounds like a bitch anyway.

  9. sashtou says:

    it is like reading a package of cooking ingredients, or a tin of wood preservative, or something similar where there are instructions printed for the using of.

    ”Read the Instructions (carefully)” ~ and follow them.

    > she has said that she wants me out her life and will not speak to me ever again, <

    That about says it all …in spite of words used on msn (which is not face to face stuff).

    In other words, ''Do as you are told'' ~ and call it Quits because, I'm sorry, but 'It is Over'.


  10. jonathans9 says:

    to damn long, ne way just leave it be and go find another girl to be with.

  11. SHEILA H says:

    Why is your ex girlfriend ignoring you, because she is your EX. She is playing you for a fool and if I were you I would cut all ties with her now and move on. She is acting like a spoilt child and as such cannot be much of a person, okay so you think the sun shines out of her, believe me it does not.
    Get back out into the world and see who else is on offer, there is bound to be someone better for you. Good luck.

  12. Ladybird says:

    Sounds like she’s confused and doesn’t know what she wants. Or maybe she wants to be friends with you but feels like if she talks to you you might get the wrong idea and think that she wants to get back with you. Rather than talk on MSN send her an email just saying that you’d really like to be friends and it’s fine if she doesn’t want to get back together, all you want is friendship.
    Good luck!

  13. Ray says:

    It sounds like she needs some closure, she is mad and angry and trying to do to you exactly what she is doing have your head spinning. Don’t delete he off you myspace cause then she will go crazy just ignore it. If you want to be friends continue to speak when you see her help her out whenever she needs it she will calm down sooner or later just don’t let her get to you. because that is what she is trying to do.

  14. Mary ! says:

    Well..i’ve done the same things to my ex..
    It’s so clear:she doesn’t like you anymore (did she ever?) and she doesn’t reject you openly because she doesn’t have better options? Sounds cruel? When she finds the perfect guy she will disappear just like that. But now, she has you to make her feel admired and lovable.
    She doesn’t talk to you in front of others because she thinks she deserves a better boyfriend..your not enough 4 her,but you can find a girl who REALLY likes you..f**k her.
    Love is better when it;s mutual. Far better.

  15. Xury says:

    I’m going through exactly the same thing, i’m still in love with my ex. And sometimes, she would ignore me, then i asked her, are u seriously trying to madisappearappear from your life forever, she was like its up to you, its your choice u know…

    But lately, we contacted each other, again…. flirted with me a little and goes back into the small ignoring phase.

    I know its hurt to say this, but guys like us are call ‘backup boyfriends’. The girls we dated are called ‘attention seekers’.

    In order to break this whole thing, either ignore her totally, u can msn blocked her as well u know? or try your best to get her back or get shag a new girl to forget bout her, she will most probly get the msg when u intimate with another girl..

    In my case, i choose to try my best to get her back, for the mean time i would say =)

    So good luck to us pal!

  16. jackie m says:

    Because she is your ex? some people keep in contact with exes but personally I couldn’t.

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