Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Why is my ex boyfriend being so nasty, horrible and Immature?


My boyfriend/fiancé broke up with me over a month ago; He was fine with me right up until when he broke up with me. Just before he did it he was telling me how perfect I was for him and how much he loved me and his mates told me he always bragged about me. I did one thing wrong by not talking to him one night and then he didn’t speak to me and then broke up with me in a fit of temper. He met up with me a week later (spending a lot of money and travelling a long way to do so) to exchange stuff and Christmas presents (which he spent hundreds on thus suggesting he didn’t intend to break up with me before) etc but was really bitter at me for moving on without him and being happy in my new life without him but why say that when he ended it not me! He said he loved me as a best mate and not as anything else and wanted a no strings attached relationship (said to hurt), he was also quite rude to me too which I won’t mention here. We decided to stay mates and then he changed his mind to not walking to talk to me for 2 months. Now has going through all our photos on Facebook and de-tagging just pictures of us together (only after I started ignoring him and I have been told has attention seeking me for a reaction) and when I try to contact him about some money he owes me he gets mad and ends the call and won’t send it to me, like has holding on to it cos its his last connection to me. Every time I do something that could potentially hurt him like talk to our mutual mates or ignore him he does something to hurt me more and he loves to twist the knife! But why twist the knife there isn’t any need too I haven’t ended it with him so why is he acting like I dumped him? It’s weird I can’t get in his head. He wants me to move on but won’t let me forget him either. Why on earth is he so angry with me since I haven’t done anything to deserve it? And now I feel terrible because I told him that I hate him and has not to speak to me again, but all I want is to have him back even as a mate. What should I do? Wait a few months then contact him again? Is his behaviour odd for a bloke or is he just regretting his decision and taking it out on me? He just ignores everything too, like he’s locking himself away from the world

All help would be appreciated….
I did try running back but he just got even more angry! Whatever I do is wrong….

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4 Responses to “Why is my ex boyfriend being so nasty, horrible and Immature?”
  1. Fox Hunter says:

    because you got on with your life ….. he misunderstood that to mean you didnt love him ….. because in his eyes if you loved him you would have run back to him.

  2. mclaren says:

    he seems to be a bit immature, i think you should maybe keep away from him for like a month, i think that will give him enough to go back to his true senses, you know breaking up with somebody one really loved might be somethng not easy to take and accept, so as you say he was fine at first, he will be back to his senses after sometime without any interuptions..

    wish you best of luck

  3. V P says:

    When he left you he expected you to beg and beg when you moved on and kept yourself together that hurt him.
    My bf did the same he left me and I held myself together so he said nasty stuff.
    He broke his own heart and is taking it out on you. Ignore him from now on. Forget the money YOU cut the last tie and walk away.

  4. lovelondonlife says:

    Seems he wanted or intended to break with you, but is jealous you have moved on and are happy. I would think he rather wanted you begging him back, or for some reason see you emotionally suffer, maybe to boost his own confidence.
    Perhaps he feels you are better off than him and resents this now. You describe his behaviour as, ‘nasty, horrible and Immature’, is that someone you want as a boyfriend or even a friend? I’d forget about him and move on, having no contact, I think his jealous behaviour may escalate if he is brooding over this. Sounds like you’re well shut of him. If the money he owes you isn’t great I’d forget it. Ignore him, if he starts harassing you I’d get the support of friends, write down dates, calls etc, and inform the authorities. I’m a man, some guys are like this, but not all, and it’s not good behaviour.

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