Thursday, September 21st, 2017

My ex boyfriend slept with another girl within weeks of our break up, and wants to get back together?


We were together for four years. For three it was great. In the last year things went stale, I felt trapped because my boyfriend had no life outside us and I ended up cheating on him. I was honest about this mistake and we tried to work through it. After that everything spiraled downwards. He lost his motivation for anything even more and became very possessive over me and in the end I left him.
Within less than a month of our break up he slept with another girl and for days after sent her loving messages and flirted (the joy of facebook) and even drew her a portrait. I told him I was upset about this and he came round to my house to talk to me. All the feelings came flooding back and we ended up sleeping together, he told me he still loves me. I don’t know if I still love him or if I’m jealous of whats happened but when we talked it was like nothing had changed. I have never been able to talk to anyone so freely in my life before, and I’m not sure I ever will.

He says he can change and that we both seemed to have changed a lot in the last month as it is. I don’t know what to think. We got together at 18 and split up at 23 years old.

Someone help me see this clearly please.
No he did not cheat and I shouldn’t feel angry but logic and reason don’t always come into it where relationships are concerned. It was the time scale at which he seemed to do this.. not long at all. It has been a year since I cheated on him and I havn’t so much looked at another man since our break up.

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7 Responses to “My ex boyfriend slept with another girl within weeks of our break up, and wants to get back together?”
  1. Allykinz says:

    He wasn’t your bf at the time so you can’t admit that into court evidence.Get back together.

  2. girlcat says:

    Him sleeping with someone else is irrelevant since you were broken up. What you need to look at are all the red flags that seem to point out serious problems within the relationship? Have you both matured enough to solve all those problems. Most of the time, people who break up and get back together will break up again. This is because they don’t address the issues and work out the problems that caused them to break up the first time.

  3. getableedinggriponyourself says:

    look he seen her while you were not with him. so he didnt cheat there did he. what you do when not with other person is not other persons business, same as before you met him what he done was none of your business. same applies if you seen someone none of his business. start from beginning forget about before and work at your relationship now.

  4. dolcee says:

    just forgive him and get back togheter! he deffoo loves u

  5. Ramone says:

    You have to remember here. For a whole year the relationship was stale, it wasn’t until he slept with another girl that all the feelings came flooding back, and he claims to have changed. Why has it came down to now, why didn’t he change in the year it was stale?… I do not believe he’s changed, only you can make you own mistakes, and this is your decision. How about, taking things slow, come to an agreement he does not sleep with any other girl and you both “work” on the situation you have now, then in time you’ll both be together, that’s when you’ll know if he really does want to be with you or not.

  6. Valerie Hopes says:

    What I think is that he was heart broken and he wanted u to feel that way since u cheated on him so he went and have sex with another girl but yall grown up yall should not be messin up like that.. I think you should wait and see if she change if he doesn’t then don’t get with him..

  7. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Sounds like neither of u rate fidelity very highly.When u meet the right person u dont feel suffocated or use others to play out your stuff.How do u know what he sent her?Keep yr nose out next time and if u get together decide what that means.Maybe u need to balance time apart and have no expectation.,,,

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