Thursday, September 21st, 2017

How Can I Get My Friend To Stop Ignoring Me?


Basically, it all started on Thursday after school. I asked him, if he went to school today (we go to separate schools) and he replied, “Nope, I’m annoyed, will phone you later and explain”. (We are lovers as well as friends. Since then, he hasn’t text me/called me).

On Saturday, i text him and asked him, “are you angry with me?” He replied, “Yes I’m angry just don’t talk to me okay?” I replied why? He said, “because of everything that has happened”. I text back, “What do you mean?” He replied, “Just go away, i don’t want to know anyone anymore”.

Later that evening, a boy from my school emailed him and told him that i was a slut. He text me and said, ” a weird boy has my email, but don’t worry i had a go at him, he tried to say that you are a slut. And no way am i going to take that”. I replied and said, “Thanks”. He didn’t reply.

All day today, i tried asking him what is wrong. He said that, he isn’t going to talk to me because things are really messed up because of me. I got really upset and told him that what he is doing is really hurting me. But he still didn’t reply.
He did this before, about a month and a half ago. He ignored me because he thought that it was better for me; he wasn’t over his ex girlfriend and thought it was best to help me move on. After, he ignored me for two weeks, we started talking again. He said that he would never do this again to me and that he loves me but evidently he has.
What should i do now? Please help me. And sorry- i know its long.



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3 Responses to “How Can I Get My Friend To Stop Ignoring Me?”
  1. British Vampy Has More Bite! says:

    Ignore him back… reverse psychology

  2. Shannon says:

    Stop texting and calling him. Let him be the one to initiate contact with you, and it sounds like he definitely will. For whatever reason he needs space right now. Who knows what’s going on, sounds like some sort of drama he’s created in his mind. You’re better off taking a step back, letting him have his space and time to sort out whatever the heck is going on, and letting him approach you again when he’s ready. Teenage boys are all over the place. The best thing to do is leave him alone until he’s ready to talk to you. He sounds really emo.

  3. Natty-Lea says:

    Just leave him alone. He’s probably not very interested in you anymore. You should find yourself a new boyfriend who actually enjoys spending time with you. This guy sounds like a waste of time. You deserve better. If he tries to get back in touch, make sure you tell him that you’re not interested. Don’t let him use you. 🙂

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