Monday, December 18th, 2017

what should i so confused. i was with my ex partner for a year and then i got pregnant, we talked about having a baby but it did come as a bit of a suprise, anyway i was due to go on holiday, which he was very unhappy about its the same place i […]

My ex and me were in a relationship for 2 and a half years. We lived together for the final year. She dropped a bomb shell on me and said she wanted to move out to try to save our relationship. I thought this was a good idea but didn’t take it well. In the […]

Lately (past 2 weeks – a month) I’ve been thinking/feeling like my boyfriend isn’t really interested in me anymore, like sexually. Its not that I want a lot of sex from him or anything, but before he would always want to kiss me and things like that. Its starting to make me feel really unattractive […]

We split up a while ago, and have just got back together. Things aren’t quite right, and she’s awfully blunt with her answers when we’re talking on Instant Messenger etc. Just wondering what I should do/say as i am partly to blame for the break-up

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